Why Reupholster

People often ask the question “Should I reupholster or buy new?”

If your furniture has holes or is showing signs of wear and tear, you may think it’s time to retire it. Not so fast – this can be an expensive proposition. Instead of replacing worn furniture, you may be able to reupholster it instead.

You may be amazed at the transformation that occurs with reupholstery. As long as your furniture is still structurally strong and sound, you can often give it new life by reupholstering it.

Armed with five reasons to reupholster furniture, you can prepare to save money and enjoy your furniture’s new appearance in your home.

    1. 1.Save Your Furniture

      Sometimes your interior decor needs just the right color or design, and this can be difficult to find in the ready-made furniture market.

      When you love your furniture, but you can’t stand the unsightly wear, reupholstery can be the ideal solution. Sometimes the style and lines of your current furniture become so familiar that you just can’t stand the idea of parting with your comfortable old couch or chair. In this case, reupholstery will breathe new life into the tired furniture, making it possible to continue using it for many more years.

    2. 2.Preserve Antiques

      If you have antique furniture that needs some help, upholstery can be an effective method for preserving these pieces. To ensure that you don’t damage or destroy the furniture in the upholstery process, find a professional who specializes in reupholstering antique furniture. Do your research before selecting a company, though, to make sure that you hire a reputable business with solid experience working with antiques. This will prevent any costly damage or mistakes with your furniture.

      Antique Reupholstery
      Antique Reupholstery
    3. 3.Choose Your Fabrics

      Sometimes your interior decor needs just the right color or design, and this can be difficult to find in the ready-made furniture market. Instead of purchasing new furniture that won’t fit into your existing decor, consider reupholstering. The reupholstery process will enable you to select just the fabric you want that will fit your design and decor scheme.

  1. 4.Save Money

    New furniture is a costly expense – especially when your taste runs to the higher-end lines. Often your existing furniture still has many more years of life in it, except for the surface wear. In these cases, you can save money by reupholstering your high quality furniture instead of replacing it when it isn’t structurally necessary. Even if you hire an expert reupholstery company to do the work, the cost is usually less than it would be to replace your furniture with all new pieces.

  2. 5.Learn New Skills

    If you have the time and the inclination, the reupholstery process is possible to learn yourself. You could take a class, a workshop or purchase books that instruct you in all the important reupholstery techniques. Once you have the tools and materials necessary to transform on your furniture, you’ll be ready to work. Imagine your pride when you learn new upholstery skills and succeed in transforming your old furniture into new works of art.

    Although reupholstery takes time and effort, it’s a doable goal that will pay you back with pride in your achievements and the beauty you restore in your furniture. Check

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